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Our Practice is the Readers' Choice 2022 Platinum Winner!

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Same-Day Emergency Dental Treatment Offered

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We Offer Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment

With Easy $250 Monthly Payments

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Dental Implant Placement In-Office

Payments As Low As $200/ Month

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With Invisalign treatment, we can simulate the outcome of your personal transformation right before your eyes.

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If you or a family member experiences a dental emergency, we urge you to contact our emergency dentist in Kitchener, Ontario, or walk-in clinic as soon as possible for treatment.

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Looking to restore your smile? Our office provides dental implant placement in-office for patients with missing teeth.

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Our affordable dentist near you strives to provide you and your family with a comfortable and relaxing environment. Your family is our family!

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    Laurentian Dental CentreDentist in Kitchener, ON

    Welcome to Laurentian Dental Centre, where you’ll find everything you need to enhance, repair, and protect your beautiful smile for years! Alongside our hygienists and administrative personnel, our Kitchener dentists are passionate about helping patients regain their self-confidence and control of their oral health. We’ll be alongside you every step of the way to make sure you remain informed and comfortable with your treatment.

    At our dental office in Kitchener, we offer a variety of services, all of which are tailored to meet your individual needs. This includes, but is not limited to, x-rays, dental cleanings, teeth whitening, root canals, and dental implants. For more information about our treatments, reach out to us today!

    Your smile is the first thing people see and the last thing they remember — get the smile you deserve by booking a consultation with a member of our staff. We are very excited to see you soon!

    Meet our team

    Services at Our Dental Clinic Near You

    Our Services Invisalign


    If you’re ready to restore your smile, talk to our dentist near you about undergoing Invisalign treatment. This option is more discrete than braces and much more comfortable. If you wear your aligners every day, you’ll acquire the results you desire.

    Our Services Teeth Whitening

    Teeth Whitening

    In-office whitening at a dental clinic in Kitchener is the best way to remove surface and deep-seated stains and noticeably improve the appearance of your smile. To get started, call us to schedule an appointment.

    Our Services Dental Implants

    Dental Implants

    Implants are an excellent way to fill in gaps in your smile while preventing jawbone deterioration. This surgical process requires at least 2-3 visits to complete. You’ll be able to treat your implants like regular teeth.

    Our Services Periodontics


    Gum disease can turn into a serious problem if it’s not addressed early. Fortunately, our periodontal experts are here to help. Your smile will be evaluated carefully through physical means and x-rays, allowing your team to identify the most effective solution to maintain your oral health.

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Cosmetic dental care is focused on improving the look of a patient's teeth while simultaneously maintaining good oral health based on that patient's specific needs. At Laurentian Dental Centre, our dentist Kitchener provides a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments for patients seeking aesthetic improvements for their smiles.

    Our dentist near you believes everyone deserves to feel a sense of pride when smiling, laughing, and talking to the people in their lives. The way your smile looks has a huge impact on your self-confidence. Our dentist in Kitchener provides teeth whitening, dental crown and bridges, and porcelain veneers for patients seeking these types of cosmetic dental treatments.

    To find out if you are a candidate to enhance your smile cosmetically, contact Laurentian Dental Centre at (548) 490-1479 today. Our Kitchener dentist team serves all patients throughout the Kitchener area.

    Preventative Dentistry

    Preventative dental care focuses specifically on maintaining and promoting good oral health and hygiene over the course of a patient's life. Your oral health can directly impact your overall health and if you follow the recommendation of regular dental visits (every 6 months) you are able to protect and preserve your smile for a lifetime. Our dental clinic in Kitchener encourages patients to not only receive dental cleanings and check-ups to keep their oral health optimal but to also practice good oral hygiene habits at home.

    Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once per day helps keep your mouth healthy between visits. If you have any questions about other ways you can maintain your oral health and new habits you can develop, contact our Kitchener dental office today.

    Dental Implants

    Do you have one or more missing teeth? Implant dentistry is a restorative dental procedure that is utilized to replace single or multiple missing teeth by surgically implanting a replacement tooth root.

    This type of tooth restoration is the permanent solution for tooth loss for patients who are candidates. The implant, made of titanium, is placed in the jawbone beneath your gums and fuses with the bone. This helps to form a secure and durable bond with the area. A dental crown will serve as your replacement tooth or teeth once the implant has healed.

    If you are curious about whether or not you are a candidate for this treatment, contact our walk in dental clinic today to schedule a complimentary consultation. Our dentist in Kitchener can’t wait to meet you!


    For a reliable dentist in Kitchener, consider asking for recommendations from friends or family, checking online reviews, and verifying credentials. At our dental clinic in Kitchener, we prioritize your oral health with experienced and trustworthy professionals.

    When choosing a dentist near you, consider their reputation through reviews or recommendations, check their qualifications and experience, and ensure they accept your insurance or offer affordable payment options. Additionally, evaluate the convenience of their location and office hours to accommodate your schedule.

    Yes, we offer emergency dental services to address urgent oral health concerns. Our experienced emergency dentist in Kitchener is dedicated to promptly addressing your dental emergencies and ensuring your well-being. Contact us for immediate assistance.

    Yes, our walk-in clinic is currently accepting new patients. Contact , Laurentian Dental Centre to schedule an appointment and experience personalized and comprehensive dental care. Your oral health is our priority.

    It is recommended to visit Laurentian Dental Centre for check-ups every six months. Regular dental appointments help maintain oral health, prevent issues, and ensure early detection of any potential problems. Acquiring regular dental cleanings near you contributes to a healthier and brighter smile.

    Yes, you can conveniently book appointments online at Laurentian Dental Centre. Our weekend dentists in Kitchener are also available for your convenience. Book your appointment online for flexible scheduling options.