Teeth Whitening in Kitchener, ON

Teeth Whitening Near You

When you visit our dental clinic you can enjoy a brighter smile with our one-hour whitening system. Your smile is one of the first things people notice. A sparkling smile changes the way you look and feel and radiates confidence.

teeth whitening near you

Looking for Teeth Whitening Near You?

We offer teeth whitening in Kitchener that can transform your teeth from dull to dazzling in an hour so you can walk out looking and feeling your best. Laurentian Dental Centre’s one-hour whitening system is safe, affordable, and has delivered dramatic results. Many patients who have undergone teeth whitening near you have seen their teeth lighted by up to six shades.

Put Your Best Smile Forward!

If you’re ready to enjoy a brighter smile in one hour, we recommend you schedule a consultation. We offer teeth whitening in Kitchener, ON if you are looking for teeth whitening near you. During a consultation with your dentist, we can determine if teeth whitening is the best treatment option and recommend additional treatments too.

Our society is becoming more and more focused on appearances. You may be concerned that your teeth are yellow or stained. The dentin, under the enamel actually has a yellow or greyish colour to it, so rest assured that healthy, natural teeth are slightly grey or yellow. Teeth darken naturally as you age. But things like tea, coffee, red wine, and highly pigmented foods can stain the surfaces of the teeth.

At-Home Whitening

Take-home trays fabricated by the dentist that a patient can use at-home appear to have comparable, if not better, long term whitening results. At Laurentian Dental Centre, we can create take-home teeth whitening trays for you to whiten your teeth gradually over the course of a few weeks. People occasionally report sensitivity during and immediately after using their whitening kits, but this is usually transient. We ask that you use good personal judgment and decrease the length of exposure if you experience sensitivity.

Are you interested in receiving teeth whitening near you? To learn more about teeth whitening in Kitchener, ON schedule a consultation at our office today! We are happy to provide teeth whitening near you.