Everything You Need to Know About Oral Cancer

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everything you need to know about oral cancer

There is no doubt that oral cancer is bad news. Although technology has advanced astronomically, oral cancer is still often missed because of its wide range of symptoms. If you believe that you may have oral cancer, it is imperative that you take action as soon as possible. In this article, our team at Laurentian Dental Centre tells you everything you need to know about oral cancer and how it works.

What is Oral Cancer?

Cancer is something that humans have been fighting for years on end. Oral cancer is one form of cancer that can easily develop into something even worse. When oral cancer begins, it is almost unnoticeable, but once it spreads, it can quickly become life-threatening.
Oral cancer is not easily detected because it shows symptoms that are associated with a wide range of other problems, such as jaw pain or gum infection.

What Are the Causes of Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer can be the result of poor dental habits, genetics, and poor daily habits. The first signs of oral cancer typically manifest in the back of the mouth around the gums, tonsils, and the base of your tongue. Since it is challenging to see any changes in these areas, our dentist in Kitchener recommends that you get professional oral cancer screenings near you at least once a year.

Here are some of the common symptoms of oral cancer:

  • Persistent, painful sores in your mouth
  • Changes in your lips and mouth lining
  • General discomfort
  • Pain while chewing
  • Mouth, gum, and jaw pain

Knowing some of the common symptoms of oral cancer will improve your chances of catching it early and getting successful and effective treatment.

The Value of Oral Cancer Screenings

There are really no downsides to getting oral cancer screenings in Kitchener. The exam is brief and totally painless and will ease your nerves or potentially even save your life. During your oral cancer screening, our dentist near you will check all the areas of your mouth, especially the areas where oral cancer typically manifests. Each exam will also include our dentist performing a detailed check of your medical history and daily habits. Here are some questions that you can expect to be asked during an oral cancer screening:

  • Has your voice changed?
  • Do you notice obstructions when you swallow?
  • Is swallowing painful or difficult?
  • Do you get earaches?
  • Have you noticed any lumps?

Fight Against Oral Cancer with Laurentian Dental Centre

The best way to ensure that you have your best chance of fighting oral cancer is to visit a dental clinic on a regular basis for an oral cancer screening. Early detection is vital to successful treatment. Learning that you have oral cancer can be devastating, and if this happens to you, ensure that you take the time to absorb the news, speak with your friends and family, and begin to create a treatment plan with your dentist. You can fight oral cancer with a combination of early detection, support, dental advice, and intensive treatment.

At Laurentian Dental Centre, we are happy to offer our patients oral cancer screenings to offer them the best chance at a happy, healthy life. Please contact us to book an appointment today.