How Dental Implants Improve Your Oral Health and Quality of Life

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how dental implants improve your oral health and quality of life

Implant dentistry is the area of dentistry that has improved the most in the last few years. Your dentist in Kitchener can now provide patients with the closest thing to a complete restoration that contemporary medicine can offer by replacing a missing tooth with a permanent implant that replicates the structure of a natural tooth, root, and all. 

Dental Implants’ Functional Benefits

A lot of people discover that the usefulness of dentures is inferior to that of natural teeth. Eating can be uncomfortable or painful if you wear dentures because the gums are compressed. Eating is made to resemble eating with natural teeth thanks to the treatment of dental implants near you, which are placed into the bone beneath the gums.

  • Prevents Bone Loss

Bone mass in the jaw tends to decrease in conjunction with tooth loss. To retain its mass, your jawbone needs the stimulation that occurs when your teeth erupt. The only tooth replacement option that replaces the stimulation of the jaw bone and helps to avoid bone loss is dental implants.

  • It Matches Your Real Teeth

Dental implants are available in an extensive range of sizes and forms. In collaboration with you, your dentist near you will create implants that precisely fill the space and blend in with the neighbouring teeth. Which teeth are implants will remain a secret to both you and your dentist.

  • Brings Bite Force Back

Dental implants enable you to bite with almost the same force as you could with your natural teeth since they are secured into your jaw with a titanium post that serves as the replacement for the tooth root. Because they are not secured in place and instead lay on top of the gums, other tooth replacement choices do not return nearly as much of your bite force.

  • Prevents Your Face From Changing Shape

Your teeth help support your facial structure. Losing teeth results in the loss of support, which eventually causes the structure of your face to shift and makes you look older. Dental implants in Kitchener keep your face from shifting shape by supporting it similarly as your natural teeth do.

  • Enables Natural Speech

Certain tooth replacement choices, such as dentures, may affect how well you can pronounce words. Speech changes might also result from missing teeth. You can speak more freely and spontaneously with dental implants since they feel and work just like real teeth.

  • Lesser Chance of Getting Cavities

Although the material used to create dental implants is non-biodegradable, artificial teeth still require maintenance to keep bacteria from growing in your mouth and causing diseases. Your dental implants won’t ever need to worry about developing cavities!

  • No Slippage

Because dentures can literally shift or slip inside your mouth, patients with dentures occasionally experience self-consciousness when speaking, laughing, or eating in public. Dental implants won’t ever cause you embarrassment because they are securely fixed in place.

  • Supports Neighboring Teeth

The teeth on either side of a gap in your mouth created by a lost tooth may move, misaligning the teeth in the process. You can keep your smile straight even with dental implants filling the space.

  • Easy to Care For

It is not necessary to purchase any specific cleaning or maintenance supplies for dental implants. Cups, antiseptic tablets, glue, or specialty flossers are not required. You simply brush and floss in the same manner as you would if you had real teeth.

Implants: The Ideal Solution for Tooth Loss

While other tooth replacement solutions require periodic maintenance or replacement, dental implants are meant to last the entirety of your life. Dental implants are a highly recommended option if you require a tooth replacement. Make an appointment at Laurentian Dental Centre for a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants.