Why You Should Visit a Professional Teeth Whitening Dentist

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why you should visit a professional teeth whitening dentist

One of the best ways to enhance your smile is by visiting a dentist in Kitchener to receive professional whitening treatment. This process can remove unwanted stains as well as brighten your smile up to eight shades.

If a patient is unsure whether to receive professional treatment, many over-the-counter products also offer teeth whitening. You may be tempted to purchase whitening strips or toothpaste in hopes they will be able to significantly improve your smile, but before buying any of these products, consult with your dentist to ensure that they are safe to use on your teeth.

Why Consult with a Dentist About Teeth Whitening

There are various reasons to speak with a dentist before deciding which method of whitening is ideal for you. Reasons you should visit a dental clinic for teeth whitening include:

  • To ensure you qualify for the treatment and that your teeth won’t be negatively affected by the bleaching agents of any product.
  • Protect your teeth and gums by ensuring you use safe ingredients if you use over-the-counter teeth whitening products.
  • To help you decide which treatment to use. Not only is visiting a dentist near you for professional treatment safe, but effective. However, some patients may believe it is too costly or choose to wait longer before pursuing treatment.

Why is Professional Teeth Whitening Beneficial?

By receiving teeth whitening in Kitchener, your dentist will illuminate your smile with up-to-date technology and the utmost of care. Your dentist will first physically examine your teeth to ensure you are a good candidate for the treatment. They will apply the whitening gel on the surface of each tooth. They may use a special light to speed up the whitening process. More than one appointment may be necessary to achieve your desired results, but professional treatment will be much faster than an at-home kit or store-bought products.

Do Other Whitening Products Work?

Whitening products such as strips, toothpaste and gels may be a successful alternative regarding brightening up your smile too. However, they are less efficient and regulated than products used by dentists. There is little regulation for products manufactured directly for clients, which means they may not be safe and should be used with caution.

The product you chose to brighten your smile should not have any ingredients that can irritate or damage your tooth enamel or gums. If you are looking for over-the-counter products that work, ensure the ingredients are entirely safe.

In addition, do not expect results to be visible after only a few uses. The concentrations of peroxide, the active ingredient in whitening products, are much lower when they are manufactured to be sold in stores.

During Your Treatment

If you decide to follow an at-home treatment regime, keep an eye out for any irritation that may arise from the products. Firstly, you should ensure your teeth and gums are healthy enough to avoid issues from the bleaching ingredients. If you notice any unusual symptoms, stop using the product and contact your Kitchener dentist.

Interested in Undergoing Teeth Whitening

At Laurentian Dental Centre, we offer a variety of treatments that will help you improve your smile. Cosmetic treatments, such as receiving teeth whitening near you, may be ideal to give your teeth enhancement you are looking for.

To learn more about your options and to ensure your teeth are in good standing for a whitening treatment, contact Laurentian Dental Centre. Our staff will be happy to help you schedule a consultation appointment to learn more about the treatment!